Steven Paul Photography | Fashion Photographer New York
StevenPaul Photography

Steven Paul is an award-winning NY fashion photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue Italia, Fashion Affair Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Magpie Darling, Slenderbread Magazine, Solis Magazine, Fashion Served, FACEON Magazine, Institute Magazine, Portafolio, VAR Magazine, American Photo, 23 Magazine, Modo Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Style-ology and many more. Paul’s commercial photography is about telling enthralling stories of drama, romance, and mystery. Whether he is working with a model, a stylist, the makeup artist, or the entire team, Paul is able to convey his unique vision to create an enchanting story that resonates with the viewer.

His portfolio has garnered attention in the fashion and beauty industry, setting him apart as commercial photographers in New York. In 2012, he was awarded 2nd place in advertizing beauty, 2013 received honorable mention in four categories by the IPA International Photography Awards. About.